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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100  ABC  September 10, 2009 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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captioned by the national captioning institute >> doctors force their concerns about last night s's speech on health care. any decision on the district's initiative. what this means for families.
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a school closing two weeks into the school year? surprised parents learn about the troubles at the laocal academy. the top story, doctors stand together and protest the president's plan for health care reform. this comes less than 24 hours after his speech. >> the debate wages on. doctors for patient care is a grass-roots organization that is fired up over the president's health care plan. they say that it is critical they make medical decisions. >> president obama, shame on you. >> gathered all malt a group of
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doctors waved signs and spoke out against the plan. >> if you buy what congress is trying to sell us, there's no one to blame but ourselves. >> they say they support reform, but not the plan announced last night that includes the public option. >> we must not fix it quickly. >> speaking to a group of nurses, the president said the matter is urgent. >> i will not permit reform to be postponed or in peril by the usual ideological diversions. >> many moderate democrats did not want a public auctoption. >> i cannot support it because of the costs. >> others were moved by the speech and have faith that the
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plan can and will work. >> i cannot imagine how people are surviving if they did not have it. >> president obama will continue his push on saturday. he travels to minneta, where people will be able to hear from him directly. some breaking news, where a pedestrian has been hit in prince george's county. the man was found lying in the road. he was pronounced dead at the scene. and make a decision announced tonight to affect the future of a major crime-fighting initiatives. reaction for what this means for fop members. >> jim gramm says he is in
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support of any crime fighting tool. he supports l hands on deck. an arbitrator ruled today that this tool was in violation of d.c. law. it is called all hands on deck. every sworn d.c. police offer -- officer hits the street on a eight-hour duty for three days. this is primarily during the most violent months of the year, summertime. strong words from the fraternal order of police, which challenged all hands on deck. today an arbitrator ruled in its favor. they say it must and because the initiative violates the terms of the officers of labor contract. >> 3600 police officers found out that would not be able to take vacation to the entire summer. >> the union said that
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department failed to negotiate with the union. for her part, the chief was appointed -- has put it to all hands on deck in the effort to reduce crime. a homicide rate is the lowest in 45 years. she also said -- >> i like all hands on deck. they should concentrate in areas where they needed. >> community policing that those relationships between police officers and the people who live here. it is the best will to do with issues of crime. >> the department has also been told to pay, and half overtime to all officers who participated in the weekend crime initiatives.
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the department says it plans to appeal. tonight heavy rains are not far from the area. doug hill is on storm watch tonight. we may have dodged a bull's eye to eye. >> that isorthste e hste.ave. order tonight the hvy rain was creeping westward. li.are looking atve lia r heavy rain over the eastern shore. let's expand it to the stormscan. the storm's center stopped drifting west and now it is trying to ift to the north. the big question, how far west will that t steady r naigo? will it make to the metro area? 50/50 odds on that. 50this storm is curious.
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winds are an issue, too. we have a deal warning up for the chesapeake bay. the county's shaded in blue ther the title areas. those are under coastal flood watches because of the winds are piling up the high tides. maybe we will dodge a bullet. we will expand more in a few minutes. tulr wehavewe hasaas ncthe latest incident happenedta last night in the fair oaks area. this is in addition to other incidents in the same vicinity. >> 3 attacks in the last week alone here in the fairha oaks area. authorities suspect the same person may be responsible.
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this is in the wake of a number of terrifying attacks in the last few days. an 18-year-old woman says she was grabbed from behind by an knife-wielding man wednesday at 10:00 p.m. near this trash dumpster. >> just saying, you are beautiful, and then just going on with the flow, nothing is on the happened to you. he was trying to shut me up. >> she fought back, a scream, and fled, as did her attacker. >> he was choking me. i do not know how i was able to get under him. >> i feel safe around here, so this is the first time i have heard this. >> this person walks and runs in this area all the time. >> it is scary to know that, considering this is the te i
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jog or walk or ride my bike. you're always worried. >> authorities say the third attack happened wednesday at 7:30. a 17-year-old female jogger was attacked from behind, grabbed, pulled into the woods, and sexually assaulted. her attacker also remains on the run. a woman is recovering aftftr beinbbn i montgomery county. this happened on east wes wagh the woman says a an m demanded shshe t m ab stbehe h aer ran off. thetin ic iisstable hispanic male witis suspected. obama is set to deliver a speech on the financial crisis
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on monday. his speech will include steps the administration is taking to revive the economy. the white house says more than 1 million jobs have been created or saved to the economic stimulus plan. the council of economic advisers made its first report the conference. the white house says that number would be much worse without the plan's 8. on the eve of the 911 attacks, nationals players and fans showed their support tonight for first responders. this is part of a second annual night at nationals ball park. the merchants a personnel exchanged mementos. twin beams of light are
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shining from lower manhattan, marking the footprints were the twin towers once stood. president obama is honoring those who died by proclaiming tomorrow as patriot day. flags will be flown at half staff and a moment of silence will be observed at 8:46 a.m. >> coming up, a surprise for parents as they pick up their children from school today. the school is reportedly headed for the auction block. is the party over for oprah? the discovery astronauts extended their trip. we want to make sure that we provide responsible lending,
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a private academy in prince george's county is facing serious money troubles tonight. the progress of christian academy and its adjoining the church is in foreclosure and schedule to go into auction later this month.
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documents say the government filedaxie tns l againsthe ow parents say this is all news to them. outside the academy, there is no sign of financial trouble. a small billboard says "enroll today." parents were shocked to find out that the school and the church is up for sale. parents who recently paid some of the tuition say they have been left in the dark. this man's son is starting preschool thr. year. l >> i never heard that they had tax liens or money problems. >> the pastor says a drop in enrollment lead to problems. >> we're looking at all possible avenues and some areas. >> they include talks with the mortgage lender. the school and roles 150 students.
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the academy was started one decade ago. >> weekend refinance and modify parlance. we're here, open, and we will keep on serving the families in our committee. >> an auction is scheduled for september 22. parents want to know what is happening then. >> i want to hear from them, tomorrow. >> the auctioneer reportedly says it is n aware of negotiations to read modify or finance, and there has been interest in the site. the virginia gubernatorial candidate scoke had tead to head. >> i am delighted to say i am the only candidate who has a transportation. >> i will move us forward, and
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he will move us back. bad weather has prevented the space shuttle from returning home. officials postponed the landing today until tomorrow. the astronauts had been on a delivery mission to the space station. the next chance to return home is tomorrow evening. lots of showers and storms on the coast. california looks better. this evening the storm was drifting west, and then the owwhh, a nndow inoo t k dobubottom linea ll.thet the bullet. ourivpe lre su doppler 7 clearly the mroet ar are few light scattered showers. the steady precipitation is well
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removed from the area. earlier tonight it was showing signs of moving west, and then south, and now it is moving north. this is all in defiance of what the computer models said it would do. we could wake up tomorrow and it could be pouring down the rain, but i do not think so. ocn city has had a ton of rain. 29-mile-per-hour winds out of the north. you moved over toward the district, children's hospital, 8 mile per hour winds. and leesburg the winds are at 5 miles per hour. the farther east you are, the stormier is. coastal advisories up along the coast, and the day. northeasterly winds for a couple
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days, piling up the water, maybe a foot or two above average. 74 degrees high today. only a trace of rain. it is cloudy and cool across the area. we will drop off for me degrees as we had overnight. this is the story, that is the source of all this information about their rain and winds. we are trying to figure out where it is going to go next. flip a coin. live doppler reiter, a lot of rain, and dover -- elijiah doppler radar -- live doppler radar, dover air force base, heavy rain. it will probably lift more to the north and had isolated showers west of the bay.
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this could change. it could be raining in the morning. probably not so much. let's go back to the graphics. this is what is making the issues for us tonight. whipping up the waves. in the time, tomorrow, it eventually has to go to the north, and when that happens, our conditions will improve. as we head through the morning, cloudy, showers in the area, and i am thinking the heaviest rain will be east of the chesapeake bay. west of us, you could have sunny conditions. a steady improvement. a second system could bring this isolated showers on saturday. sunday, monday, and tuesday look terrific. >> this storm is just like brett favre. it cannot make up its mind.
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is it 24 and done for the queen of call? today, diane sawyer asked oprah winfrey if this is going to be her last season? >> i have to make that decision by the end of this year, and i am literally in the awful prayer and consideration about which road to take, to continue to go ahead or to bring this phase of my career to an end. you'll be hearing about it before the end of the ye. >> "gma" staffers in the background screaming, "no, no, no." a lot of people hope she does not step down. she owns all the networks. the nfl season is now officially under way.
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>> the to your the -- the toyota sports desk. the nfl season kicked off
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tonight. late in the fourth quarter, tied at 10-10. the redskins game plan is now in place, and new york is favored by 6.5. the redskins like how they are matched up against new york. everything that giants does well offensive late revolves around their offensive line. >> those are the guys that make it happen. they protect eli. that is the biggest issue in the football game. >> the nationals and phillies were an issue out tonight. they held on to beat the world champions, 8-7. bottom of the fourth, ian desmond gets his first major- league hit to right field.
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he will try to score all we from first, elijah dukes. the nats' prospect also had a home run tonight. the pga tour, tiger woods is always in the spotlig. he shot a 68 today at the bmw championship. i school sports, this is thursday, and that always means high school athlete of the week. we start at dematha, cody albrecht. >> i'm about 5 feet, 6 inches. >> he is clearly the best, using his speed to set up others. when state, he had a goal and two assists in a win over st. john's.
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>> it is a growing support after a while. i love it. >> congratulations to cody albrecht. georgia tech beat alabama tonight. it is fully expected that the nba referees be locked out when the season begins november 1. negotiations broke down with the league this week. if you know the rules and have a whistle, the nba needs you. it's never too early to start saving up for christmas.
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t>> finalook athete br l favre orstm watch? >> avy rains on the eastern signs ofwing no
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